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Computerized Pattern Sewing Machine High Speed GT326G-2210

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The velcro is very popular in the global market for many years, as the necessary accessory for the cloth, bag, luggage as well as other relative industries. As the unique structure products, it is not easy to cut and sew by manual or scissors.pattern sewing machine for sale -Kingmax

As the result, this brings the challenge for the sewing machine industry globally.

We know the belt cutter supplier have the solution for this, hot knife cutter or cold knife cutter, then we have to put the velcro on the sewn targe products secondly after the cutting for the sewing finally. This operation needs the space for the belt cutter and sewing machine separately as we know, at least two operators handle these two machines too, this can finish the velcro sewing finally without problem, but the cost is very high, especially for the labor cost. It is already very hard to find the trained workers in the developed countries, even the labor cost is becoming high in the most developing countries, how much we have to pay for the labor cost? It is one global question too, and kill the company’s profit obviously.

High speed pattern sewing machine

Today, the most pattern sewing machine with the slide foot or the 360 degree reverted foot can sew the velcro with the much higher speed, of course, it raises the efficiency significantly. Our GT326G series computerized pattern sewing machine have the DAHAO control system, powerful MINI direct-driven servo motor, strong X&Y direction stepping motor, touchable panel with the input USB port, intermediate central foot, two sewing area: 220x100mm, 130x60mm.pattern sewing machine supplier -Kingmax 

This series machines like other computerized pattern sewing machine sew the velcro very well, and we do sell many machines to this application annually, and all these machines performance good enough, regretfully we still receive many complaints from our valued users! Why??? Because they still have to spend many times to cut the velco to the certain size, like its specific width and length, before the sewing. These works waste a lot of extra times as we all know. How to solve this? The customer has the requests, this pushes us to find the better machine, and then further push the whole industry move further successfully.

Pattern sewing machine for velcro with automatic cutting and feeding device

Thanks to our smart partners and their technology, they finally design one special unique automatic cutting and feeding device for the velcro as per the information from us. Surely, we do many jobs too for our GT326G-2210 machine to, in order to make sure our machine and this special device can work together, not easy job as you know. The between signal have to match each other, and many mechanical parts are redesigned. This device can cut the velcro firstly as the certain size, and special holder to move the cut velcro under the needle of the pattern sewing machine GT326G-2210. All these operations are automatic!!! This device can cut the velcro width 10-50mm and length 10-150mm. WOW, Amazing job!!! Especially, there are two different knives system as the option, the plain knife and round knife.pattern sewing machine cost -Kingmax

Kingmax Brand Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machine

We are so proud of this improvement, NO, it should be one innovation. We are proud that we find the good solution for our valued customer, and we are proud that we do something for this sewing machine industry development. Surely, our valued customers and partners’ requests and difficulty always push us to find the solution and develop stronger with this good machine. Thanks for you all your guys!! It is your machine now!!!