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Flat bed sewing machine working principle and types

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How does a flat bed sewing machine work?

Flat bed sewing machine is an industrial sewing machine that uses two stitches of needle and shuttle to form lock stitch. It can sew two or more layers of sewing material or sew decorative stitch on the sewing material. It is the most basic type of industrial sewing machine. Sewn the double lock stitch is one of the most strong in all kinds of line mark, so use a very wide range, can make silk, linen, cotton, wool and chemical fiber fabric and soft leather, artificial leather, production of clothing, wearing supplies, bedding, bags, bag, tablecloth, curtains, etc., and can make two layers of silk to the multi-layer soft leather sewing work.buy Flat bed sewing machine -KINGMAX

The flat sewing magic machine is composed of a head, a table and a frame. The clutch motor is installed on the bottom of the table, and the driving wheel is connected with the upper wheel of the head by triangular tape. By stepping down the pedal on the frame and controlling the tightening degree of the clutch, different magic speed of sewing can be obtained. The machine head is composed of cloth piercing, line picking and hook mechanism to complete the double-wire lock stitch. By the needle distance adjustment, automatic feeding and reverse sewing mechanism to achieve the needle distance can be set, continuous sewing; Stitch and seam are perfected by material pressure and thread tension adjusting and releasing device. 

In order to adapt to the high speed operation of spindle 6000R /min and shuttle shaft 12000R /min, the engine head is equipped with impeller pump for oil supply and plunger pump for oil absorption to lubricate each moving component.The process of the flat sewing cutting machine to complete a lock stitch is to perforate the sewing material to lead the needle through the sewing material, and then make it bypass the shuttle line under the sewing material, and interweave the needle and shuttle line and tighten in the sewing material, and finally move the material forward or back a certain distance, and then punch and lead in the new position. At the end of the second process, a stitch is completed.

What are the types of flat sewing machines?

1. Ordinary medium speed flat sewing machine

Ordinary medium speed flat sewing magic machine adopts connecting rod line picking, spindle hook line, feeding, oil immersion tank line and manual lubrication, usually used in small and medium factories.

2. Ordinary high-speed flat sewing machine

The ordinary high-speed flat sewing machine adopts connecting rod line picking, spindle hook line and lower feeding. The machine generally adopts oil pump to supply oil, which automatically presses the lubricating oil to all moving parts, and the excess oil is sucked back or flowed back to the oil pan by itself. It is usually used in large factories.

3. Flat sewing machine with knife

The flat sewing machine with knife is equipped with a cutter on the right side of the needle, which can make the two processes of sewing magic and trimming edge simultaneously. In the part of the sewing material that does not need cutting edge, the hand handle can be used to make the cutter detached. The distance between the cutter and the needle is in the range of 3.2~9.5mm.

4. Double needle flat sewing machine

Double needle flat sewing machine with two needle and two vertical spindle, can make two lines of parallel sewing in a single operation. In the sewing and cutting operation, any machine needle can be lifted separately out of the sewing illusion, so that the left and right corners of the sewing will not produce the defect of stitch crossing. The distance between the two needles is 1.6a-16mm in a variety of specifications.China Flat bed sewing machine -KINGMAX

5. Top and bottom feeding flat seam cutting machine

The flat sewing machine is equipped with tope and bottom feeding mechanisms, and the feeding quantity can be adjusted separately. When adjusting the symmetry, it can prevent the dislocation and deformation of the upper and lower sewing material when sewing any kind of sewing material. On the contrary, if the upper and lower feeding quantity is not symmetrical, the required subduction or wrinkle between the upper and lower seam materials can be obtained.

6. Automatic thread cutting and sewing machine

Clamps phantom machine is equipped with computer automatic shearing line and control the speed, the needle position in the seam, drawn wire, reverse sewing, sewing phantom beginning and at the end of the reinforcement, presser foot, trimming, etc , which has the function of automatic device and electromagnetic clutch motor, can make a lot of auxiliary action automation, and can make the operator's hands to focus on sewing the material processing, improve the efficiency of sewing.