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Focus on High-grade Automotive Interior ——GA669

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Automotive Interior mainly refers to the automotive products used in the interior modification of the car, involving all aspects of the car interior, such as car steering wheel covers, car cushions, car foot mats, car perfume, car pendants, interior ornaments, storage boxes, etc. are all automotive interior products. The interior system is an important part of the car body, and the design workload of the interior system accounts for more than 60% of the car modeling design workload, far more than the car shape, and is one of the most important parts of the body.Automotive Interior -KINGMAX

Each car manufacturer usually has a large automotive interior team to complete a large amount of engineering work related to interior trim. With the continuous development of the automotive industry, people's requirements for the appearance, production cost, material strength, environmental performance and safety protection of the car are increasing. In turn, the requirements for the technical content, reliability, precision, and energy saving and environmental protection of automotive interior parts are also getting higher and higher, prompting automotive interior parts enterprises to continuously strengthen technical research and development.

The rapid development of the automobile industry, people's requirements for the interior decoration of the car are also getting higher and higher. Car room leather velvet seats, high-grade leather steering wheel cover, high-grade wool foot mats and other products have become the content of many cars owner’s car beauty interior. Most of the high-grade car interiors are mostly leather, wool, and other thick material materials. The general machine is easy to cause interior sewing stitching confusion, and even the scrapping of high-grade raw materials. This further shows that the production of high-grade automotive interior trim cannot be separated from more specialized machines. At the same time, the highest demands are placed on the operator's skills and the efficiency of the sewing technology when sewing high-grade automotive interior products.GA669 Cylinder Bed Sewing Machine supplier -KINGMAX

There are many cylinder-bed machines for this automotive upholstery in the market, such as 8B,246,341,335 and 1341 etc, all of these machines are for the low and middle level automotive interior application. High level products need high level machine, our GA669 series machines are the best choice for this application, which is the GA669 cylinder machine with its unique slim arm allows professional handling of difficult seams such as assembly and hemming operations, as well as decorative seams on small leather parts and difficult to turn seams or tubular seams. To complete this function, the machine's bottom feed is combined with special sewing accessories to obtain precise hemming results with high efficiency and quality.

Kingmax GA669 Cylinder Bed Sewing Machine

This is one single needle, cylinder bed, direct drive, high speed, compound feed with walking foot, medium-heavy duty lockstitch sewing machines, which developed from the regular GA867 Series single needle, lock stitch machine, flat bed sewing machine. The top machine head (GA876 series machines) are one of the best medium-heavy duty flat bed lockstitch sewing machines in the globe market at present. 1-needle, flat-bed, high speed, compound feed with the walking foot, touchable operation panel, 3 times extra large rotary hook (32mm diameter), automatic thread trimmer by the solenoid, automatic foot lift and automatic back tacking, LED sewing lamp etc.best cylinder-bed machines -KINGMAX

The machine modern design with the large working space under the arm allows the good view on the sewing area. The strong motor, the integrated first and second (as the option) stitch length adjustment, the alternative feet with the single dial (dual dial as the option) assure the machine stitch the multi-layers material stable and consistently, the K version machine with the long stitch length for the heavy duty material, the synchronized rear puller as the option, also 26mm diameter hook is available as the option.

Small cylinder arm (50mm diameter), equipped with the large horizontal axis hook and large bobbin, which good for the free movement during the sewing. The compound feed with the walking foot assures the consistent smooth seam quality, even on the multi-layers materials, the small diameter cylinder is good sewing for the sharp curves, long stitch length, high foot lift. The GA669 machine has several additional features that greatly improve productivity and sewing convenience. Suitable for sewing medium to heavy weight materials, such as bags, shoes, and small size products, especially for the tubular shape products.

There is no doubt that our GA669 machine is the machine of choice to produce high-end automotive interiors. Of course, our Deko team has its own selection for the entire automotive interior production field for different positioning of the automotive interior product lines. If you have any questions regarding the selection of machines for the automotive interior, please feel free to contact us and we will understand your specific information and provide you with the best solution individually.