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GA204-103/104 Series Zigzag Machine

GA204-103  Bottom feed zigzag machine
GA204-104  Top and bottom feed zigzag machine

  • GA204-103/104
  • One Needle
  • Top and Bottom Feed
  • 800

Product Descriptions

Zigzag Sewing Machine GA204-103/104 Series Descriptions

These two machines are the single needle, extra heavy duty, cam changeable zigzag sewing machine for the thick thread. GA204-103 is the bottom feed zigzag machine, GA204-104 is the top and bottom feed zigzag machine. Both of these two machines are box type with 3 cams to realize 3 different standard zigzag stitches(1 step 2 points zigzag, 2 steps and 3 point zigzag, 3 steps and 4 point zigzag). Large barrel shuttle hook and large bobbin, high take-up lever stroke, large stitch length(10mm) and large zigzag width(16mm), simple and fast cam interchanged between, ease maintenance. Suitable for zigzag, join and decorative sewing heavy duty to extra heavy duty materials with the thick thread, such as sofa, slinges, webbing, tents, rugs, ropes, shoes etc.


Zigzag Sewing Machine GA204-103/104 Series Features

  • Box type with 3 cams as the standard kit to realize 3 different zigzag stitches.

  • 3 cams interchanged between fast and easily.

  • Large barrel shuttle hook and large bobbin.

  • zigzag sewing, joined sewing and decorative sewing realized by one machine.

  • One good extra heavy duty zigzag sewing machine for heavy weight shoes, outdoor products and furniture factories and manufactures


Zigzag Sewing Machine GA204-103/104 Series Specifications




The Max. Sewing Speed


Feeding Structure

Bottom feed

Top and bottom feed

Stitch Patterns

1  step 2 points, 2 steps and 3 points, 3 steps and 4 points

The Max. Zigzag Width


The Max. Foot lift


The Zigzag Stitch Length



Large barrel shuttle hook



Product Details

Zigzag Sewing Machine GA204-103/104 Series Details

cam changeable zigzag sewing machine-KINGMAX