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Industrial Single Needle Lockstitch Machine GC1541SL-25

GC1541SL-25 1-needle, 25" long arm, flat bed sewing machine
  • GC1541SL-25
  • One Needle
  • Compound Feed
  • 2000

Product Descriptions

Industrial Single Needle Lockstitch Machine GC1541SL-25 Descriptions

This is one high speed, single needle, 25 inch long arm, compound feed with walking foot, flat bed industrial sewing machine with safety clutch, which developed from the regular GC1541S. This machine has the double capacity horizontal axis hook, which is convenient for the bottom thread change during the sewing, built-in bobbin winder, the safety clutch prevents the hook damage, belt transmission, the top dial as the standard device for the alternative feet movement adjustment, belt transmission, box type feeding, the compound feed with the walking foot assures the machine stitch the multi-layers smoothly and stably, simple inside structure, large working space under the arm for the large workpieces, low noise and ease maintenance. Suitable for sewing medium to heavy weight materials, such products as bags, cases, car mats, sofa, belts as well as other leather products etc.


Industrial Single Needle Lockstitch Machine GC1541SL-25 Features

  • High speed, 1-needle, 25 inch long arm, flat bed industrial sewing machine.

  • Large horizontal axis hook and large bobbin.

  • The safety clutch prevents hooks.

  • The top dial for the quick alternative feet adjustment.

  • A very good long arm single needle with walking foot sewing machines for the most leather products factory.


Industrial Single Needle Lockstitch Machine GC1541SL-25 Specifications



Number of Needle

1 needle

Max.Sewing Speed


Max.Stitch Length


Max.Lift of the Presser Foot



Double capacity horizontal axis hook

Working Space



DPx17, 19-23#

Product Details

Industrial Single Needle Lockstitch Machine GC1541SL-25 Details

single needle with safe cluth sewing machine