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Introduction to GA867 series sewing machine features

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GA867 series compound feed sewing machine property

1-Needles/2 Needles

High speed


Compound feed with walking foot

Medium-heavy duty lockstitch sewing machinessingle needle heavy duty industrial sewing machine cost -KINGMAX

This series machines are one of the best medium-heavy duty flat bed lockstitch sewing machines in the globe market at present. 1-needle and 2-needle, flat-bed, high speed, compound feed with the walking foot, touchable operation panel, 3 times extra large rotary hook(32mm diameter),automatic thread trimmer by the solenoid, automatic foot lift and automatic back tacking, LED sewing lamp etc. 

The machine modern design with the large working space under the arm allows the good view on the sewing area. The strong motor, the integrated first and second (as the option) stitch length adjustment, the alternative feet with the single dial (dual dial as the option) assure the machine stitch the multi-layers material stable and consistently, the K version machine with the long stitch length for the heavy duty material, the synchronized rear puller as the option, also 26mm diameter hook is available as the option. Suitable for sewing medium to heavy duty materials, such as automobile upholstery, furniture, plastic products etc. Total basic 8 models even more as the option as per the right diagram.

Single needle heavy duty industrial sewing machine features

1. High speed, flat bed sewing machine with the touchable panel.

2. Large vertical rotary hook(32mm diameter) and large bobbin.

3. Two pitch knobs as the option.

4. Two dials as the option for the alternative feet adjustment.

5. The best medium-heavy weight flat bed sewing machines for the automobile upholstery factories.single needle heavy duty industrial sewing machine supplier -KINGMAX

Double needle industrial sewing machine is ready for shipping

Influenced by many factors, the economic growth impact of Chinese sewing machinery industry began to turn sharply in April, and the whole operation of the industry in the first half of the year showed significant characteristics of "internal cold and external heat" and "economic downturn". In spite of this, Kingmax sewing machine has received the second large-scale purchase from the American customer. At present, the goods of the 40-foot high cabinet have been loaded and are waiting for shipment. Believe that with the continuous efforts of Dekoco people, we will usher in a new high in the market and create success again!