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JIAM 2022, Osaka, Japan

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There were once 4 big sewing machines show in the world, IMB in Germany, JIAM in Japan, SPESA in USA and CISMA in China. Since this sewn industry change step by step, both IMB and SPESA show already changed to Texprocess show accordingly in Frankfort, Germany and Atlanta, USA each year. Our partner in USA usually join the Texprocess show in Atlanta, USA each year, who represent our Kingmax brand heavy duty industrial sewing machines since 2007.


JIAM 2022, Japan International Apparel Machinery & Textiles Industry Trade Show, was held from Nov.30 to Dec.3 in Osaka, Japan, which organized by JASMA(Japanese Sewing Machinery Manufacturers Association). The show is one international trade fair which provides a global business platform, and it introduces innovative solutions by combining existing high-level skillsets that have been created through drastic market change, and presents the latest technologies from a range of industry sectors. Almost all Japanese sewing machines companies joined the show, such as Juki, Brother, Pegasus, Kansai Special, Seiko etc.

Japan International Apparel Machinery & Textiles Industry Trade Show -KINGMAX

This fair is the biggest show for the Japanese sewing industry, where displayed many latest machines and technology this time. As per the actual information, there were many Asian visitors this time, distributors and end-users etc, as well as some American and European visitors too. Regretfully, many Chinese companies lost this big show because of the strict COVID-19 control in China.

CISMA 2023, Shanghai

CISMA(China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show) once was the smallest size of the above 4 biggest show in the world before. Since the strong growing together with the China economy development, today, CISMA is the largest professional show of sewing machinery in the world, which usually hold in Shanghai every two years. Today, CISMA is the world platform for the sewing machinery and the relative products, including the embroidery machine as we know, almost all world famous brands always join this fair to display all kinds of innovation, new products, technology etc. As the serious COVID-19 situation, CISMA 2021 was finally held in Ningbo from Shanghai in 2022 finally.

Since the improved virus situation, CISMA 2023 is scheduled to be held in Shanghai in September, 2023 as the latest news from China Sewing Machinery Association recently.


Kingmax Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machines

As one of main player of heavy duty industrial sewing machines in the world, Kingmax heavy duty industrial sewing machines will participate CISMA 2023 in Shanghai, we will share our booth number accordingly when we have.

See you all our friends in 2023 in Shanghai.

Kingmax Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machine -KINGMAX