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KINGMAX Brand GB4-810U is Hot Selling

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February is coming to an end, how is the new year of business going for you guys? We would like to thank you all for your interesting in our machines. At the end of January, we published a news article about our GB4-810 machine. As soon as this news was released, we received many inquiries and got some actual orders. Thank you very much, All friends!!!

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Next, please follow the details of the production of our Kingmax Brand GB4-810U machines. Information from our factory, two GB4-810U machines have been assembled in our production line. No doubt it is our workers who are further testing the machines. We will try our best to check the machines carefully for you before shipping. We do our best to provide you with the best quality machines and at the same time minimize quality problems for you.

In order to take care of more new visitors to our website, we will then explain our machine that focuses on handbag making.

Kingmax Brand Direct Drive Sewing Machine GB4-810U

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This is one single needle, direct drive, high speed, compound feed with walking foot, U shape sewing arm/horn, which developed from the regular GC1341 single needle lock stitch machine, cylinder bed sewing machine. The top machine head (GC1341) have the compound feed with the walking foot, equipped with the flip material guide and the top dial for the alternative feet movement, powerful direct drive control system with the needle position function (upper and lower position). The unique U shape arm is controlled by the separate control box with two pedals separately for the free forward and backward movement, the slim horn for the small and narrow space sewing of the small handbag, where the regular cylinder bed and post-bed machine can not reach. The heavy stand and table top support the whole machine stably without movement. Suitable for sewing medium to heavy weight materials, such as bags, shoes, and small size products, especially for the tubular shape products.

1. Special U-shaped cylinder long armGB4-810U machine supplier -KINGMAX

Our GB4-810U machine has a moveable vertical U-shaped long arm design, which is suitable for sewing large three-dimensional items. And it adopts a specially designed needle plate, which is suitable for sewing small curved items. When using this machine can do back and forth movement to sew square objects, which has great advantage in sewing special shape objects. For example: handbags, luggage, women's clothing, women's production bags and other new products.

2. The built-in panel

The machine comes with the strong mini servo motor and the built-in touch panel. The independent knob can help you adjust the speed of moving sewing machine forward and backward. With this operation panel, workers no longer have to learn how to use the new machine. Some new employees are also no longer afraid to operate a new machine. This definitely saves workers' time in getting familiar with and mastering the machine, and greatly improves productivity.cylinder bed walking foot sewing machine company -KINGMAX

3. The adjustable heavy stand and table top

In general, after the purchase of a new machine, we will always have some of the problems caused by the difference in height of workers and the machine height does not fit and the workers are not comfortable using the machine. I believe all of you who have used sewing machines know very well. This requires a lot of time and effort to measure, adjust, and even change the height of the machine frame by yourself. We have equipped our GB4-810U machine with the heavy adjustable height rack, which can be adjusted to suit the height of each worker as they operate the machine. This design not only solves this problem perfectly but also reflects our humanistic care for our workers.

cylinder bed compound feed sewing machine manufacturer -KINGMAX

The recent production of this batch of GB4-810U machines are mostly orders from Europe. As we all know that Europe is the gathering place for luxury brand handbags, it is inevitable that the European market is more favorable to this machine that focuses on handbag sewing. Of course, it is only the European market, the American market has also ordered this machine, but because of the limited production energy, their orders are already scheduled until the beginning of March. We will do our best to increase the production and deliver the GB4-810U machine as soon as possible.

For all of you who are still on the lookout for this machine, please don't hesitate to contact us! We will definitely maintain high standards and high quality service concept to answer your questions and provide you with the best quality solutions.