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Kingmax Heavy Duty Pattern Sewing Machines

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When we talk about computerized pattern sewing machines in the market, Juki AMS series, Brother BAS series and Mitsubishi PLK series machines are the most 3 series popular programmable electronic pattern sewing machines in the global market for many years, which for garments, shoes, bags application. The only disadvantage of these machines is that these machines can not stitch the heavy duty and extra heavy duty materials with the thick thread.

Kingmax Heavy Duty Pattern Sewing Machines

As one of the leading supplier of heavy duty and extra heavy duty industrial sewing machines in the global market of industrial sewing machine, our Kingmax brand heavy duty industrial sewing machines must have the solution for those customers who produce heavy duty and extra heavy duty materials with the thick thread, such products as safety belts, cargo slings, webbings, as well as extra thickness technical textiles products.

Kingmax heavy duty pattern sewing machines

Around 15 years ago, we began to make some arrangement for the computerized pattern sewing machines, because we knew the labor cost was increased year by year, and we had to have the high efficiency heavy duty industrial sewing machines, in order to help our users reduce the cost accordingly. Thanks for our advanced preparation, we had the opportunity to cooperate with one Durkopp Adler official local agent to develop our first computerized heavy duty pattern sewing machine with the large shuttle hook for the sail rope sewing, GA204-107A

After many years efforts with a lot of friends help and suggestions, today, we mainly have 3 series large barrel shuttle hook computerized pattern sewing machines with the thick thread as below, which mainly for the heavy duty and extra heavy materials,

1.PSM-1306/3020/5020A series

This series machines actually includes GA204-107A for ropes sewing. We developed this series machines based on 204 machine heads around 15 years ago as mentioned. Large barrel shuttle hook, touchable panel, thread broken detected device, burner(hot thread trimmer) etc with the different sewing area: 130x60mm, 300x200mm and 500x20mm. There are some special customs sized available as per the actual different demands.

PSM-1306/3020/5020A series PSM-1306/3020 series

2.PSM-H3020/5020 series

When we mention heavy duty and extra heavy duty materials, this means we have to use the thick thread accordingly, the barrel shuttle hook of PSM-1306/3020/5020A is big in the market, but not enough for some special cases with the requests of the larger bobbin thread. Therefore, we developed PSM-H3020/5020 from our mechanical machine head GA733 series, which has the largest barrel shuttle hook in the current market, which reduce the bobbin thread changed frequency obviously. Especially, we use the Dahao control system for this series machines, in order to assure this monster pattern sewing machine work stably for your job without problem.

PSM-H3020/5020 series PSM-H3020 series

3.PSM-H5040/6040 series

Heavy duty and extra heavy duty materials not only means the extra thickness, but also means the large size, such as the bullet proof vest, large size straps etc. These regular computerized pattern sewing machines can not meet such these big size sewing, we have to make sure the working space under the sewing machine head have the enough space, especially for the Y direction, therefore, we use 25 inch long arm machine head to develop PSM-H5040 and PSM-H6040 with the sewing area 500x400mm & 600x400mm.

PSM-H5040/6040 series PSM-H5040 series

When you have to buy these heavy duty and extra heavy duty computerized pattern sewing machines, please make sure you do no order the machine themselves only, you get the total solution from us for your customized requests, such as jaws/clamps, needle cooler, mechanical thread cutter or burner(hot knife). You have the special request, we have the customized solution!!!  Welcome for the communication at any given time!!!