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Our GB4-810U for Making Small Leather Handbags

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Handbags have been developed for many years, and nowadays they have become a necessity in women's lives. GB4-810U for Making Small Leather Handbags-KINGMAXIt is not only practical, fashionable, and lightweight, making modern people's lives more contemporary. In the early 19th century, the first generation of handbags was created. As people's clothes were tight-fitting at that time, there was no place for pockets, so these pockets were tied to the belt of the clothes and gradually became part of the clothes. It was at that time that handbags started to slowly become popular and became the most important necessity for women. In the early days, such handbags were handmade by families, combining embroidery, beading techniques and lace work that were both decorative and marked the goodness of a young woman's handicraft. By the 1860s, handbags began to become fashionable decorative items to match the clothing of the time, and with them came small bags with bracelets and leather bags. Handbags were generally constructed with a metal or wooden frame and had a face made of leather. Leather processing and dyeing techniques had a profound influence on the manufacture and style of these handbags. As modern life continues to innovate, the handbag also undergoes its own revolution. Leather bags made of modern materials came into being. Some young designers began to explore new leather bags in response to the needs of the times. In modern business activities, high class black leather bags and small luggage with sharp edges can be seen everywhere.

The development of various types of leather bags could not be achieved without the technical support of large industrial sewing machines. The emergence of industrial sewing machines solved the problem of handbag sewing industry requiring a large number of skilled workers and labor resources for manual production, saving labor costs. However, the new problem of unsatisfactory handbag sewing stitching was brought about, especially for handbag with complex patterns, high-grade styles, and high stitching quality requirements, which still cannot be made by hand by craftsmen. In response to this new market demand, our Deko team after careful research and development, has introduced a solution for rotary stitching of handbags to ensure that every stitch on the handbag is perfectly smooth.

Kingmax Brand Direct Drive Sewing Machine GB4-810U

Direct Drive Sewing Machine GB4-810U-KINGMAXThis is one single needle, direct drive, high speed, compound feed with walking foot, U shape sewing arm/horn, which developed from the regular GC1341 single needle lock stitch machine, cylinder bed sewing machine. The top machine head (GC1341) have the compound feed with the walking foot, equipped with the flip material guide and the top dial for the alternative feet movement, powerful direct drive control system with the needle position function(upper and lower position). The unique U shape arm is controlled by the separate control box with two pedals separately for the free forward and backward movement, the slim horn for the small and narrow space sewing of the small handbag, where the regular cylinder bed and post-bed machine can not reach. The heavy stand and table top support the whole machine stably without movement. Suitable for sewing medium to heavy weight materials, such as bags, shoes, and small size products, especially for the tubular shape products.

This machine can move backward and forward sewing for quadrate objects, objects with special shapes have a strong advantage.

1.The vertical U-shaped long arm design is suitable for sewing large three-dimensional items. For example: new products for handbags, luggage, women's production bags, etc.

2.Adopt specially designed needle plate, suitable for sewing articles with small curvature. For example: the bottom of the bag, edge, corner, etc.

3. Using comprehensive feeding, sewing thickness are smooth, sewing effect is good, sewing size is easy to adjust.

4.Gently press the sewing rod, you can easily cut threads with simple operation.


This machine is very specific for handbag making, and it is more professional machine that will improve the production efficiency and quality, so we are very confident about this machine. We believe that after the careful selection of all friends, you will be definitely conquered by this machine of ours. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry or assistance from us, e-mail, online chat even call, we will be happy to share our full experience with you without any hesitation.