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Thank you, 2022! Welcome 2023!

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How time flies? Most of friends just had a wonderful Christmas holiday, then there are only 5days ahead for the new year 2023.

When we review and summarize this 2022, firstly, we have to thank you much very for our valued distributors and users, thank all of you’ supports, understanding and cooperation in this year!!! We know we actually did our best to support all of your guys, but still had some jobs which we did not do well for you. With the trust and love from all of you, then we had the confidence to go whatever difficulties we had in 2022. Secondly, we must thanks for our own Kingmax team!!! Who are our strong basic of the whole company and brand!!! We know we can reply on ourselves to move and grow further. When we look back to the March, April and May, we could realize how hard for these 3 months now, serious supply chain and logistic issue because of the Shanghai COVID outbreak.

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In 2022, the most important new machines are our GA867 series. After many years efforts, we finally push this series machines both in the domestic and overseas market, which are very popular in the car upholstery industry as well as other high level leather products. We will do our best to improve more details of this series machines in 2023, in order to bring more perfect for our friends.

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As we know, we have 18 inch and 25 inch long arm version GC1500 series machines for more than 10 years. As per our friends’strong suggestions, we finally developed 30 inch long arm machines(both 1&2 needle) with the higher working space, GC1510L/1560L-30H. Our customers just love these two machines.

Long arm version GC1541S series machines

GC1541S series machines are the most popular medium weight lockstitch sewing machines in the market for many years due to theirs outstanding performance. When we stitch the large size articles by the machine with the vertical hook, we have to move the material firstly, then get the bobbin out with the low working efficiency. The long arm machine with the horizontal rotary hook can solve this issue. Therefore, we especially developed 18 inch, 25 inch and 30 inch long arm machines based on our regular GC1541S, these are GC1541SL-18, GC1541SL-25 and GC1541SL-30H. These 3 new models are under the testing at the different factories at present.

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Finally, I must still thank all of you old and new friends for your support in 2022, without your support, we would have had a difficult time this year. The series of machine updates and iterations we have done this year are to better serve you and meet the new needs of your friends. Whenever we announce a new product, there are always a lot of old and new friends coming to us to ask about it. We hope you will contact us anytime in the next 2023, we will provide the best service and do our best to meet your market demand. In the coming days, we will also maintain our innovative ideas and announce more quality products to provide more quality choices for our old and new friends. Of course, our new year will continue to update and iterate without the support of our friends. We hope that in the new year, our Kingmax team will be ready to serve you with high quality and efficiency. We hope that in 2023, the global epidemic will be eliminated, the global economic situation will be relieved, and we will not let the epidemic affect our lives and work anymore. In the beginning of the New Year 2023, we believe that with your support, we will take every step to create a better 2023! I wish everybody happy New Year 2023!

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