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The Brief Introduction of Our FIBC/Big Bag Sewing Machines

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The FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) usually referred to as a “Bulk Bag” or “Big Bag” is an intermediate bulk container, its body made of a flexible woven material (typically polypropylene), which is handled mechanically by forklift trucks, cranes or hoists when filled. It is designed to be lifted from the top by means of integral, permanently attached devices (lift loops, stevedores or sleeves), which usually load of solid materials, including materials in powder, flake, or granular form, such products as grains, seeds, salts, powdered coatings, sands, clays, cement, ferroalloys and resins, which are frequently used in the food, pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical industries. 

It usually has four different designs: U panel(A bag that has one panel forming two opposite sides and the bottom, creating a “U” panel shape),Circular(also called a tubular bag, is made from fabric woven on a circular loom, which is then cut to the proper length for a specified bag height; thereby, eliminating the vertical seams on each of the bag’s sides),Four Panel(four separate pieces of fabric are sewn together to create the body of the bag),Baffle(pieces of fabric or other material sewn across each corner of a tubular or four – panel bag to improve a bag’s squareness, appearance, improve the stability of the load and to more efficiently utilize storage or shipping space). Here are some pictures of FIBC as below,

FIBC supplier -KINGMAX

Kingmax Brand Big Bag Sewing Machines

As one of the leading suppliers of big bag sewing machine in China, we have the full line machines for this industry, and we serve our valued customers globally. In order to raise the efficiency and create more value for our distributors and users, we especially cooperate with our control supplier to develop series automatic Kingmax big bag sewing machine. With the different sewing area for the different parts of big bags as below,

Big bag sewing machine parts cost -KINGMAX

Usually, the most big bag factories use chainstitch sewing machines products big bags, such as our GK80700 series (2-needle, 4-thread chainstitch sewing machine), GK80900 series(cylinder bed chainstitch sewing machine), GK81300 series(2-needle,4-thread overedge chainstitch sewing machine), as well as our GK81800 series for the baffle big bags. At the same time, there are many big bag factories use the lockstitch sewing machines make big bags, such as our GC1500 series, GA2570 and GA3670 etc. We also develop the 14 inch and 18 inch long arm GC1500 series machines based on the regular models, here are the basic sketch of these machines as below,

best Container bag sewing machine -KINGMAX

Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry or assistance from us, e-mail, online chat even call, we will be happy to share our full experience with you without any hesitation.