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Chinese Brands Bet on Sponsorships for Qatar World Cup

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The opening match of the 2022 Qatar World Cup was played at the Bayit Stadium in the early hours of November 21, Beijing time. According to Global Data, Chinese companies are becoming the biggest sponsors of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. "Made in China" is also becoming more and more influential in the biggest soccer commercial event.

Data showed Chinese companies provided more sponsorship revenue than companies from any other country at the 2022 World Cup, ranking as the world's top with nearly $1.4 billion, exceeding that of the US at $1.1 billion. Apart from big companies, manufacturers from Yiwu, China's small commodity hub, are also witnessing their growing influence during the world-renowned sports event. From footballs, national flags and trophy ornaments to horns and whistles, over 60 percent of souvenirs are being produced in Yiwu for this years' World Cup. Of course, there are not only Yiwu goods, but also other technical and other support from all over China.

Data shows that in 2022, our distributor in Pakistan sold more than 20 soccer ball making machines GC1341 Series Cylinder Bed Sewing Machine and these machines were delivered to various end users who used them for making soccer balls. It is likely that some of the soccer balls for this World Cup were made and supplied by some of our end-users using this machine. Although we are not a brand sponsor, we are still proud to have contributed to the World Cup.

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As the round shape product, the regular flat-bed machine cannot reach the arch corner of the football, the small cylinder arm (diameter 72mm) of this series machines is good for the football production, not only because of the cylinder-bed, but also its double capacity and large bobbin with the high working efficiency!

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The opening ceremony of the 2022 Qatar World Cup took place at the Gulf Stadium in Qatar. The theme of the opening ceremony was human solidarity, hoping that soccer would bring people together, as if under one tent, to tackle common challenges. We hope that our GC1341 Series Cylinder Bed Walking Foot Sewing Machine, even 18 inch long arm machines, will also connect sewing machine users around the world to meet the challenges of our industry.

FIFA Qatar World Cup

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